Falling for a Farmer: Coming to a Bookshop Near You

I’m beyond delighted to tell you that in late September, Falling for a Farmer, the book, will be published by the Mercier Press and available for purchase “in all good book shops,” as the saying goes.

The Rules of Engagement

It’s a funny feeling when a moment you’ve dreamed about your whole life, imagined, and built up is suddenly imminent. I wanted to push pause. I wanted to slow everything down so that I wouldn’t miss a second of it.

Affairs of the Mart

After months of hard graft, and quite literally, blood, sweat, and sometimes, something close to tears, it was time to discover if their labour would pay off. I knew how hard Jack worked, and I willed the bidding to reflect that.

CountryWide Live: A Culture Night Special

As an occasional contributor to RTÉ’ Radio One’s “CountryWide” programme, I was delighted when they invited me to be a part of its Culture Night special — a live recording in the beautiful Chapel Royal at Dublin Castle.

Sounds Like Country Living

. . . their banter got me to thinking about how my life now differs from theirs by virtue of being in a relationship with a farmer.

RTÉ Radio 1: Countrywide | August 5th, 2017

Interestingly enough, I haven’t seen much of Jack in the days since the broadcast . . . He’s “at the silage,” he tells me, but I wonder if this isn’t a pay-back of sorts! 

Meet the Parents

There comes a time in every relationship when the couple’s parents must meet. Having just passed the three year mark, and with me now firmly rooted in Kildare, Jack and I recently decided that for us, that time had come.

Tail end of lambing

I knew that the more I thought about it, the nervier I would get. There was nothing else for it: I bid farewell to my recently manicured hand, and took the plunge.

Off to the races

So, when he asked if I could swing a day off work to attend day three of the world-famous Punchestown Festival, I was, of course (and you’ll forgive me for this. . . .) chomping at the bit.