Falling for a Farmer: Coming to a Bookshop Near You

I’ve shared the news on Facebook and Twitter, and it seems only fitting that now, with just a few months to go, I share it here, too.

I’m beyond delighted to tell you that in late September, Falling for a Farmer, the book, will be published by the Mercier Press and available for purchase “in all good book shops,” as the saying goes.

So many writers will tell you that it was their lifelong dream to become a published author. Not only would I echo that, I have the physical evidence to prove it, too!

I was very young when I discovered the joy of putting pen to paper and losing myself in a tide of words, thoughts, and images as I tried to bring to life through prose, the scenes I saw in my mind. My first “book,” was called Midnight Magic. Created when I was 11 years old, it was handwritten on twenty lined A4 pages. My teacher laminated the cover (my own handiwork) and bound the manuscript, and there it was, my first book.


The excitement and pride I felt when she handed it to me returned in a rush last month when I received my hard copy of the proofs of Falling for a Farmer in the post. A hefty stack of pages and on the front, my name. It was the first time I’d held the product of my graft in its entirety, and I’ll tell you, it’s quite a moment when the sea of words and punctuation you’ve been poring over on a screen for months finally settle into place on paper. There’s no denying the viability of 30 chapters, or 300 pages. Indeed, it was the weight of paper in my hands, having that something concrete in front of me that finally made the penny drop; this book is really happening. My book.


Like the blog itself, Falling for a Farmer chronicles the laughs, lessons, and moments of enlightenment that arise when town and country come together in the shape of love’s (relatively) young dream. Some of the chapters in there will be familiar to anyone who has followed this blog, but there is plenty of original material in there, too. A sort of Bridget Jones’s Diary meets All Creatures, Great and Small, it’s a true-life story of my journey from returning emigrant and wide-eyed townie to full-blown farmer’s girlfriend.

I hope you’ll enjoy it.


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